Sunday, November 30, 2008

Carlo Ancelotti "Fumed" with AC Milan

AC Milan was handed a sobering 3-1 defeat by Sicilian club Palermo in a loss that gives first place Inter a commanding 6 point lead over their inter-city rivals. The Rossoneri were unable to take the lead in the 27th minute when Ronaldinho failed to convert a penatly and did not find the back of the net until it was far too late. Palermo had already scored three goals before Ronaldinho got one back in the 83 minute. And in an effort to calm his frustration, Carlo Ancelotti was caught on the sideline taking advantage of the Serie A's smoking policy (or lack there of--good luck getting away with that in the EPL).

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ronaldinho Goes Top Shelf

Ronaldinho showed his skill once again with this superb strike against Portsmouth on Matchday 3 of the UEFA Cup.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Portugal, Ronaldo Embarrased in Brazil Friendly

World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo's Portuguese side was dismantled by an inspired Brazilian side in this weeks international friendly. Portugal were outplayed throughout, and were handed a 6-2 defeat, but the excitement didn't come to an end with the final whistle.

It seems that just about everyone had something to say about Ronaldo's performance. Brazilian defender Silva refused to shake Ronaldo's hand on behalf of what Silva claimed to be a "leg breaking" tackle shelled out by Cristiano. And another Brazilian defender also spoke out against Ronaldo's apparent lack of class; Marcelo claimed he fell victim to a Ronaldo elbow.

Cristiano quipped to the press earlier this week that he was so good last year, he should have been awarded not only the FIFA World Player of the Year, but the top three spots. In response to this Brazilian international Elano showed his class with a statement that captured the his sides' sentiment on the night, "Cristiano Ronaldo scores big goals and does excellent exhibitions but for me I would choose Kaka as the world's number one. We certainly overcame Portugal in this duel and I will always help Kaka to overcome Ronaldo."