Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NFL Kicker Dave Akers Practices with the US Men's National Team

Aside from the announcement of who will be participating in the January training sessions, there isn't a lot going on with US National soccer right now. In order to tide everyone over here is a stellar video showing David Akers of the Philadelphia Eagles practicing with the Men's National Team. Its a few months old, but definitely entertaining.

Akers spends the afternoon swapping trade secrets with both Santino Quaranta and Stuart Holden. The video is pretty great, not only does it show Quaranta and Holden nailing 50 yard field goals, but it shows Akers ripping some set pieces on frame with Quaranta in goal. Akers says he hasn't played soccer in over 17 years, but this dude knows a thing or two about kicking a ball.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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