Saturday, December 26, 2009

Premier League Boxing Day Roundup

While December 26th is simply known as the day after Christmas in the USA, in the UK and various other countries they call it Boxing Day. With the holiday comes a full slate of English Premier League matches, most of which I'll have watched while parking my ass on the couch all day. (Thanks FSC) Here are the results from the day:

Fulham 0 - 0 Tottenham
Fulham missed several good opportunities including a clanger off the crossbar from my man Clint Dempsey in this all London draw. (sorry Dilbs)

Birmingham 0 - 0 Chelsea

West Ham 0 - 0 Portsmouth

Everton 1 - 1 Sunderland
The Toffees save a point when they could have used 3 in their fight to move up the table. A clinical finish by Darren Bent and a 85th min equalizer from Fellaini rounded out the scoring

Burnley 1 - 1 Bolton

Manchester City 2 - 0 Stoke City

Wigan 1 - 1 Blackburn

Liverpool 2 - 0 Wolves

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